The CAPTAIN product was developed by eight major maritime education and training organisations from five EU countries with a number of other associate partners representing maritime education and training institutions, industrial stakeholders, and decision makers. Many of the partners have expertise in developing or delivering maritime education and training (MET) programmes in their country and across Europe.

  • University of Aegean (UoA) University of Aegean (UoA) University of the Aegean is a network of 6 Schools and 17 Departments over 6 islands. It invests in innovative educational programs and multidisciplinary fields of research with involvement in a number of national and European research projects.
  • Centre of Factories for the Future (C4FF) Centre for Factories of the Future (C4FF) C4FF’s maritime education division has had many years of experience in EU and EU funded projects and developing programmes based on the international standards for the education and training of merchant navy officers.
  • Athens Information Technology (AIT) Athens Information Technology (AIT) AIT is a research and graduate education institution in IT and Telecommunications with participation in many R&D projects in areas such as e-learning, virtual collaboration and learning, virtual scientific experiments, 2D/3D interactive multimedia, digital simulations and games.
  • Piri Reis University (PRU) Piri Reis University (PRU) Piri Reis University is the first maritime University in Turkey, which offers courses on a wide range of maritime and non-maritime subjects. Piri Reis University has been established with the support and sponsorship of the Turkish maritime sector.
  • TUDEV Institute of Maritime Studies (TUDEV) TUDEV Institute of Maritime Studies (TUDEV) TUDEV Institute is a maritime education and training (MET) provider established by the Turkish maritime industry. TUDEV is part of the maritime employers association and the Turkish Chamber of Shipping.
  • The 1st Evening Vocational Senior School of Egaleo (EPAL) The 1st Evening Vocational Senior School of Egaleo (EPAL) The school has been successfully running its Nautical Studies Department for a number of years, with the course quality certified by a survey of a nautical journal. Their close cooperation with the Greek decision makers has earned them an invaluable insight into the training needs of the industry.
  • Centre of Development Works (OPR) Centre of Development Works (OPR) OPR is maritime education provider and research centre. OPR is focusing on upgrading existing marine standards. It specialises in upgrading and assessment of professional competencies, developing modern techniques and tools for learning, evaluating marine navigation systems. Researches are focused on human factor and safety of navigation.
  • University of Cadiz (UCA) University of Cadiz (UCA) The Faculty of Nautical Sciences is a Maritime Training Institution in the University of Cádiz that offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate courses for the Merchant Navy sector, either at sea or in shore-based occupations.

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